YOLO Environmental Incorporated applies over 26 years of consulting experience in both the private and public sectors in Canada and internationally. We provide environmental-related expertise involving planning, assessment, and monitoring, in all major industry sectors. Our Vice-president Mining provides mine design and operations review, review of infrastructure in support of mining projects, review of feasibility studies and recommendations for alternative approaches based on 40 years of experience in evaluation and operation of global mining projects. We also provide Occupational Health, Safety & Security Management and Environmental Management capabilities.

Yolo Environmental has managed projects and responsible for designing, coordinating, budgetary control, and delivering technical expertise and supervision to a wide variety of projects. Tasks also include strategic planning, business development, report writing, peer review, proposal preparation, contract negotiation, regulatory agency liaison, public consultations, subcontractor management, ecological field surveys, terms of reference, training, staff management, and reports and presentations of scientific results. Routinely involved with industry, private developers, NGO's and all levels of government. The company has specific expertise in applications of environmental regulations, acts, policies and guidelines.

Yolo Environmental has established excellent working relationships within Canada, Trinidad & Tobago, South America, and Australia. Our knowledge and expertises allow us to help our clients develop the most effective approach to moving forward on successful projects.